The more you do … the more you can do!

Juli is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and yogi businesswoman having started her first company in her twenties – launching everything from magazines to video and online media production to a yoga studio and school to website development and global travel planning/guide services to launching print and national brand publications. Juli is also a former television host hosting a live TV morning show while producing travel packages for both CNN Headline News and the Weather Channel. None of these accomplishments came easy, and that is part of what Juli shares with her audiences and clients – real life experience, trials and triumphs that most people can relate with.

She serves as a high-performance executive consultant, culture expert, personal mentor, speaker, motivator and educator with a strong empathic skillset to connect with a very diverse clientele. She is the publisher of her own creation, YOGA + Life® Magazines, a human condition expert, the founder of the Experts Club, and the author of Do THIS. She has helped thousands of people to greater influence in their own lives by achieving success in life and business equating to better health and their ultimate happinessRead More …


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