Juli is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur and Creator of Flow in Life and Business. She is the Founder/Publisher of YOGA + Life™ Magazines, a High Performance Transformational Coach, Intuitive Guide, a Motivational Speaker and Fearless Optimist.

Juli first took the TV airwaves in the 90’s as the FOX Morning Show’s resident Fitness Expert. She then moved on to work for RSN and Outside Television producing and hosting live morning shows while preparing packages for both CNN Headline News as well as the Weather Channel. She became the publisher of Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine and launched Bride TV before selling the company in 2013. Juli helped shape Mountain Town Magazine and served as their Health and Fitness Editor in their inaugural year.

Juli holds a B.S. in Exercise Sciences and is a certified fitness and yoga instructor and a former national fitness trainer and educator. She is a life-long student of the blend of psychophysiology and Cognitive Coherence techniques including meditation, EFT, chakra aligning combined with the sciences thus creating an “approachable” technique for many to achieve greater excellence in manifesting their desired life. She has presented at many conferences and festivals around the world and also leads various retreats for a select few each year to unique global destinations through GOYO Adventures, a retreat company she co-founded.

When the mind is still, the universe speaks. Part of the practice in life is learning to listen to the most important conversation you will ever have… the one with YOURSELF!

Juli led a career of public speaking in both the private and non-profit sectors both on and off the airwaves in front of audiences from 10-1000. From emceeing Celebrity Charity Events to participating as a media host at events like the Telluride Mountain Film Festival to hosting education panels, Juli has a long list of celebrity interviews from NHL Hockey Players to Film Producers/Makers to the new Thought Leaders of our time. Juli is now an aspiring author to share the visions, wisdom and clarity she has learned through many of these high-level conversations.

Juli purchased (and eventually sold) her first business in her late 20’s and has since lead a fearless entrepreneurial path for nearly two decades. Juli is now the visionary behind YOGA + Life™ Magazines, a publishing company that offers magazines, events and media opportunities from the roots up in the yoga and wellness industry giving everyone the chance to share their stories. She was selected for the cover of their first issue, MN YOGA + Life™, posing near her old stomping grounds in Minnesota near Lake Calhoun. She was the co-founder of  Meta Yoga Studios and Schools in Breckenridge, Colorado, and serves as a faculty member/teacher at her home studio. She is the visionary behind online coaching curriculum, which helps aspiring writers, bloggers and podcasters to connect with their authentic voice and establish them as experts in their niche – more on Experts Club here.

After a long career in media and production, Juli is completing her first book, Do THIS. to be released in 2020. Collaborating in content with experts from all generations, Do THIS aims to bridge the gap in being true to your own unique identity and drives. Follow those musings at @DailyDoThis on Instagram.

I have always tried to get people to see the way to what they want – providing this clarity is my thing.

ORIGIN Magazine featured Juli in their “34 of the Most Beautiful Women” (Issue 13) including their strength, passion and vision statements. Juli was also selected by Mashable as one of the “Top 50 Most Inspirational Accounts To Follow” on Twitter. Juli received the “Women Who Rock” award from a female entrepreneur’s group based in Denver, Colorado. Juli appeared on the set of “Good Day Colorado” FOX 31’s Morning Show and numerous other TV spots, podcasts and commercials.

Juli continues to serve as a high-performance executive consultant and communications expert working with individuals and their companies on experiencing the full human-condition. She is a student of energy reading and thrives in helping others find their best versions of themselves by manifesting dreams and desires while removing the negative space that has held them back. She has helped thousands of people to greater influence in their own lives by achieving success in life and business equating to better health and their ultimate happiness.

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