I am Juli Rathke, a multi-passionate entrepreneur and the Founder of YOGA + Life™ Magazines and online resources. Some people know me as the #YOGABIZGIRL, and some have also called me an intuitive guide, human condition expert, and an unshakable optimist. As a result, I have helped thousands of people to greater influence in their own lives by achieving success in life and business equating to better health and their ultimate happiness. I am honored to connect with you today and I look forward to more ways we can help one another by sharing our stories.

The universe can smell your fear. What are you doing to get out of your own way?

I share with you on this site some of my stories in picture, video and article form as you will find them in our magazines and on our sites. I also give you what inspires through my experiences and intuitions as life moves along for me as an Executive Coach, Wife, Mother of three, Yoga Teacher, and Entrepreneur/Business Creator. We all are juggling many many things, here we can learn from one another on how to stay the course on what is true to you as you align best with your passions and purpose.

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Main Image by Celia Miller, PRODUCER | NEU PRODUCTIONS