I have worked with top-level influencers to help them see their opportunities in their leadership style to allow them to show up in a big way when leading their company and in their own personal lives. Both usually have to be addressed in order to see extraordinary results. I am able to do this by using my learned and cultivated fearless approach with people of all walks of life with a gift of intuitive communication practices.

Whether its succession planning, legacy coaching, strategic planning, executive retreats, or internal front-line company training; I find weaving a common message and thread of human conditioning throughout the entire culture of the company can produce results beyond traditional business model cultures. This can include new vision, mission or even “passion” statement facilitation.

I have worked with companies in the following categories, but realize all companies are comprised of people. People who have families, responsibilities and personal goals that need to align with their professional performance – so regardless of the industry, my facilitation can help just about anyone in any industry produce, lead and influence at an extraordinary level.

Local Government
Real Estate
Small Business Owner
Time Share Industry
Service Industry
Tourism Industry
Television Industry

All presentations are curated to the language of the company.

What kind of leader are you?

How do you define leadership? Here is my favorite definition shared from John Maxwell, “Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.

I believe in hiring qualified leaders based on their intrinsic characteristics, however soft-skills such as influence, motivation, empathy are things that take a leader from good to amazing!

Who influences you?

If you like this conversation and would like to inquire about bringing me into your company for an internal retreat, training or on a long-term cultural change basis, please inquire here for availability and rates.